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Q. Is online visa application mandatory for all foreign nationals?

Ans: Yes, online visa application is mandatory for all foreign nationals with effect from August 17, 2010.

Q. After registering online, where do I submit the visa application?

Ans: Bangladeshi nationals residing in Dhaka must apply at Indian Visa Application Centre- Dhaka ( Jamuna Future Park ) , Khulna must apply at IVAC, Khulna , Barisal Divisions must apply at IVAC Barisal, Mymensingh must apply at IVAC, Mymensingh, Jessore division must apply at IVAC, Jessore and those residing at Sylhet Division must apply at IVAC, Sylhet and those residing at Chittagong Division must apply at IVAC, Chittagong and those residing at Rajshahi Division must apply at IVAC, Rajshahi respectively. Other foreign nationals may apply at Indian Visa Application Centre- Dhaka ( Jamuna Future Park ) or Indian Visa Application Centre Chittagong. Applicants from Satkhira, Brahmanbaria, Noakhali, Comilla, Thakurgoan and Bogura can apply at their own districts Indian Visa Application Centre.

Q . How many online applications and photographs are required to be submitted by an applicant?

Ans: Only one application and one recent color photograph are required to be submitted.

Q- Do I have to submit the application at IVAC at the time given in the online application or anytime between 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs.

Ans: You have to submit the visa application form with passport at the given date & time indicated in the online payment slip.

Q. I made a mistake while filling up the online application. Is it possible to make corrections online?.

Ans:. No, there is no possibility of making corrections online. You need to apply again.

Q. I registered online. What should I do to get a date of appointment?

Ans:. All categories of Indian visas are accepted on a walk in basis. No need to take an appointment date.

Q. I registered online. But I could not take a print out of the online application. How can I get a printout of the online application?

Ans: Please log on to Reprint option on top right corner of the online application. Please fill in web file number and date of birth and take a print out of online application.

Q. I plan to travel to India, but am yet to firm up the dates. Can I apply online for different dates?

Ans: All categories of Indian visas are accepted on a walk in basis.

Q. By mistake I selected Chittagong instead of Dhaka online. Can I still submit the application at IVAC, Dhaka?

Ans: No, online applications registered in Chittagong cannot be accepted in Dhaka and vice-versa.

Q. I could not submit the documents on the date of submission. Can I submit the documents anytime after the date of submission?

Ans: No, You will have to submit the documents on the date of submission given in online application.

Q. Whom should I contact to know the status of my visa application.

Ans: Please get in touch with the IVAC where you had submitted the visa application through telephone, fax or e-mail. You must mention your Sticker No. or Passport Number while making enquiries. For contact details of IVAC, please click here (On www.ivacbd.com).


Q 1. Is there any visa fee required to be paid by Bangladeshi Passport holders for travel to India?

Ans: No. However IVAC charges Visa Processing Fee (VPF) as per rate indicated under "General Information".

Q 2. . Is there any visa fee required for persons other than holders of Bangladeshi Passports?

Ans. Yes. Such persons are required to pay visa fee as per schedule of fee approved by Government of India for various nationalities, unless nationals of any country or countries are exempted from payment of visa fee as per bilateral agreements. To see the visa fee schedule, click here.

Q 3. How many visa applications are required to be filled up by an applicant?

Ans. Only one set of visa application form is required to be filled up by each applicant.

Q 4. Can the visa application of a person be submitted by another person?

Ans. Any member of the family is allowed to submit visa applications on behalf of other members of family subject to a maximum of five persons and subject to proof of identification. For the purpose family constitutes spouse, children and parents.

Visa applications of Hon'ble Members of Parliament and Judiciary; Chairman/ CEO/ Managing Director of established companies and members of their families; and persons above 65 years of age can be submitted through authorized representative.

Q 5. Are there any special requirements for Bangladeshi defense /security personnel while applying for Indian visa?

Ans. Serving /retired defense/police/security personnel have to submit a proforma in the prescribed format along with the visa application form for Bangladeshi Passport holders.

Q 6. What is restricted or protected area?

Ans. There are certain places/regions in India that are designated as Restricted or Protected areas to which access is limited and requires a special permit. Visa applicants who wish to visit a restricted/protected area are required to fill an additional form. The processing of such applications can take up to four weeks and, in some cases, even longer.


In recent weeks, several queries have been raised about the type of Visas issued by India to foreigners for work related visits. It is clarified that basically there are two (2) types of work related Visas, namely:- 

1. Business Visa designated as "B" Visa 
2. Employment Visa designated as "E" Visa 
Frequently asked questions with regard to the above issues and replies thereto are outlined below for information, guidance and compliance of all concerned:- 

A Q1. What is a Business Visa? 

Ans. Business Visa is granted to a foreign national who wants to visit India to establish an industrial/business venture or to explore possibilities to set up industrial/business venture, or wants to purchase/sell industrial products in India. This Visa is granted subject to following conditions:- (i) The applicant is a person of assured financial standing and expertise in the field of the intended business. 

(ii) The applicant is not visiting India for the business of money lending or petty trading, or for a full time employment in India involving payment of salary in India etc. 

(iii) The facility of Business Visa will also be extended to senior executives of firms, experts, tour conductors and travel agents, etc., visiting India in connection with work related to projects of national importance, including those undertaken by public sector undertakings, and conducting business tours of foreigners or business relating to it, etc.

(iv) A foreign national will have to comply with all other requirements like payment of tax liabilities etc. 

(v) The grant of Business Visa is subject to any instructions issued by the Government of India on the basis of reciprocity with other foreign countries from time to time. :- 2 -: (v) The Business Visa must be issued from the country of origin, or from the country of domicile of the foreigner provided the period of permanent residence of that applicant in that particular country is for more than 2 years. 

Q.2. Who are eligible for a Business Visa? 

Ans. (i) Foreign nationals who want to visit India to establish industrial/business venture or to explore possibilities to set up industrial/business venture in India.
(ii) Foreign nationals coming to India to purchase/sell industrial products or commercial products or consumer durables.
(iii) Foreign nationals coming to India for technical meetings/discussions, attending Board meetings, general meetings for providing business services support.
(iv) Foreign nationals coming to India for recruitment of manpower.
(v) Foreign nationals who are partners in the Business and/or functioning as Directors in the company. 
(vi) Foreign nationals coming to India for consultations regarding exhibitions, for participation in exhibitions, trade fairs, business fairs, etc.
(vii) Foreign buyers who come to transact business with suppliers/ potential suppliers at locations in India, to evaluate or monitor quality, give specifications, place orders, negotiate further supplies etc., relating to goods or services procured from India.
(viii) Foreign experts/specialists on a visit of short duration in connection with an ongoing project with the objective of monitoring the progress of the work, conducting meetings with Indian customers and/or to provide some high level technical guidance. 
(ix) Foreign nationals coming to India for pre-sales or post-sales activity not amounting to actual execution of any contract or project.
(x) Foreign Trainees of multinational companies/corporate houses coming for in-house training in the regional hubs of the concerned company located in India. :- 3 -: 
(xi) Foreign students sponsored by AIESEC for internship on project based work in companies/industries 
Q.3. What is the duration of a Business Visa? 

Ans. A Business Visa with multiple entry facilities is granted for a period upto 5 years or for a shorter duration as per the requirement. A stay stipulation may be prescribed for each visit by the concerned Indian Mission. 

Q.4. What documents are required to be submitted alongwith application for a Business Visa? 

Ans. (i) The foreign national must have a valid travel document and a re-entry permit, if required under the law of the country concerned. 

(ii) Proof of financial standing and expertise in the field of intended business. 


Q.5. What is an Employment Visa? 

Ans. Employment Visa is granted to foreigners desiring to come to India for purpose of employment, subject to following conditions:-

(i) The applicant is a skilled and qualified professional or person who is being engaged or appointed by a company, organization, industry, or undertaking, etc. in India on contract or employment basis at a senior level, skilled position such as technical expert, senior executive, or in a managerial position, etc. 
(ii) Employment Visa is not granted for jobs for which large numbers of qualified Indians are available. 
(iii) Employment Visa is not granted for routine, ordinary or secretarial/clerical jobs. 
(iv) The Employment Visa must be issued from the country of origin, or from the country of domicile of the foreigner provided the period of permanent residence of that applicant in that particular country is for more than 2 years. :- 4 -: 
(v) The Indian company/organization engaging foreign nationals for executing projects/contracts would be responsible for the conduct of the foreign national during their stay in India and also for the departure of such foreign national upon expiry of Visa. 
(vi) A foreign national will have to comply with all other requirements like payment of tax liabilities, etc. 

Q. 6. Who are eligible for Employment Visa? 

Ans. Subject to the conditions enumerated in Question B5 above, the following will be eligible for Employment Visa:- 

(i) Foreign nationals coming to India for execution of a project/contract [irrespective of the duration of the visit]. 
(ii) Foreign nationals who are coming to India on short visits to customer location to repair any plant or machinery as part of warranty or annual maintenance contracts. 
(iii) Foreign engineers/technicians coming to India for installation and commissioning of equipments/machines/tools in terms of the contract for supply of such equipment/machine/tools.
(iv) Foreign experts coming to India for imparting training for the personnel of the Indian company. 
(v) Foreign personnel deputed for providing technical support/services, transfer of know-how, services supplies for which the Indian company pays fees/royalty to the foreign company. 
(vi) Foreign nationals coming to India as consultant on contract for whom the Indian company pays a fixed remuneration, (may not be in the form of monthly salary).
(vii) Foreign artists engaged to conduct regular performances for the duration of the employment contract given by Hotels, Clubs, other organizations. 
(viii) Foreign nationals who are coming to India to take up employment as coaches. :- 5 -: 
(ix) Foreign sportsmen who are given contract for a specified period by the Indian Clubs/organizations. 
(x) Self-employed foreign nationals coming to India for providing engineering, medical, accounting, legal or such other highly skilled services in their capacity as independent consultants. 

Q.7. What is the duration of an Employment Visa? 

A foreign national coming to India for employment may initially be granted an Employment Visa by the Indian Missions abroad upto one year. The first extension, if necessary, would be granted by MHA. Further extensions, if required, can be granted by concerned State Government/FRO upto maximum period of five years from the date of issue of the Visa. Foreigners coming on Employment Visa are required to register with concerned FRRO/FRO within two weeks from the date of arrival.

Q.8. What documents are required to be submitted alongwith application for Employment Visa? 

Ans. (i) The foreign national must have a valid travel document and a re-entry permit, if required under the law of the country concerned.

(ii) The foreign national must submit proof of his/her employment or contract or engagement by the company/organization, etc. in India. 
(iii) The foreign national must submit documentary proof of his educational qualifications and professional expertise. 

Q.9 Can foreign nationals coming to execute projects in India be granted Business Visas? 

Ans. No. A foreign national coming for executing projects/contracts will have to come only on an Employment Visa.

Q10 Can foreign nationals already in India for executing projects on Business Visas be allowed to extend their Business Visas beyond 31.10.2009? 

Ans. No. A foreign national who is already in the country on Business Visa and engaged in executing project/contract should leave the country by 31.10.2009. :- 6 -: 

Q11 Can foreign nationals already in India for executing projects on Business Visas be allowed to convert their Business Visas to Employment Visas without leaving the country? 

Ans. No. 

Q12 Which category of Visa will be granted to family members of foreign nationals coming to India on Business Visas?

Ans. Indian Missions may grant an "X" Visa [i.e. a Dependent Visa] to the family members of a foreign national granted a Business Visa at their discretion, subject to usual security checks provided the family members are otherwise eligible for grant of such a Visa. 

Q13 Which category of Visa will be granted to family members of foreign nationals coming to India on Employment? 

Ans. In respect of family members of a foreign national who is granted "E" Visa, Indian Missions may grant an "X" Visa [i.e. Dependent Visa]. The validity of the "X" Visa could be co-terminus with the validity of the Visa of the principal Visa holder or for such shorter duration as may be considered necessary by the Indian Mission, subject to usual security checks provided the family members are otherwise eligible for grant of such a Visa. 

Q15 Whether a foreign company/organization that does not have any Project Office/subsidiary/joint venture/branch office in India can sponsor a foreign national/employee of a foreign company for Employment Visa? 

Ans. No.

Q16 Whether an Indian company/organization which has awarded a contract for execution of a project to a foreign company that does not have any base in India, can sponsor employee of foreign company for Employment Visa? 

Ans: Yes. 

Q17 If the Indian organization/entity sponsors an Employment Visa, does this mean that the Indian organization/entity has to necessarily be the legal employer of the person? 

Ans: No. :- 7 -: 

Q.18 Which category of Visa will be granted to the foreign language teachers/interpreters? 

Ans:. Employment Visa. 

Q19 Which category of Visa will be granted to the foreign specialist Chefs?

Ans:. Employment Visa. 

Q.20 Which type of Visa would be granted to senior management personnel and/or specialists employed by foreign firms who are relocated to India to work on specific project/management assignment? 

Ans. Employment Visa.

Q.1. Is there any special arrangement for applicants requiring medical visas? 

Ans: A dedicated Medical Help Desk at IVAC Gulshan accepts only emergency medical visa applications even before their scheduled appointment date.

Q.2.How many medical attendants are allowed with a patient?

Ans: Upto three medical attendants can be issued visa with a patient.

Q.3. Is medical treatment allowed on Tourist Visa.

Ans: Under normal circumstances, medical treatment on Tourist Visa is not permissible and may result in refusal of visa subsequently. However, in case of any emergency, Tourist Visa should be converted into Medical Visa for medical treatment. 

Q.4. I travelled to India on Tourist Visa and had to undergo medical treatment in urgency. Now, I want to apply for medical visa. What should I do?

Ans: While submitting your application for medical visa, please submit all the documents, including of your previous treatment in India. 

Q.5. What are the documents required for medical visa in addition to the general documents?

Ans: (i) Medical certificate, in original, from recognised hospitals/ doctors indicating in detail the medical condition of the patient; (ii) Recommendation from the attending doctor for availing treatment abroad in case of first visit; (iii) recommendation from the attending doctor in India in case of continued treatment in India; (iv) In case of hospitalisation or long term treatment, proof of financial resources.

Q.6. My patient is already in India. I want to apply for a medical attendant visa. 

Ans: Medical Attendant visas are issued alongwith patient only. 

Q.7. Is it necessary that Medical Attendants should be blood relative of the patient? 

Ans: No, there is no such requirement. 

                                                Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where do I go to pay the Indian Visa Application fee?

A:  Visit this  page/link  from  your browser:   https://payment.ivacbd.com. You  will  get a Form  that

includes 4 tabs: 1) Application Info, 2) Personal Info, 3) Overview and 4) Payment. Fill up the empty

fields following the guidelines available on the page and finally click ‘Pay Now’ to make the payment

by selecting your chosen payment option.

Q: Can I see/fill up the next tabs before completing the first ones?

A: No, you need to fill in the empty fields of the tabs sequential y. You can click the ‘Save and Next’

under  a tab after completing  the  fields  and then you can  go  to the  next tab.  However, once you

complete filling up the fields of a tab and go to the next one, you can go back to the earlier tab(s) for

revision or editing.

Q: What information do I need to have before making the payment?


have submitted your Visa application you would get the Web File Number from IVAC. 

Q: How do I select and what should I enter in Application Info?

A: Follow the below step-by-step process to complete tab-1: Application Info:

(i)  SELECT  A  MISSION: From  the  drop-down list select the  Mission  under  which you have

applied for the Visa. 

(i )  In the next two boxes enter your WEB FILE NUMBER. Both entries must be exactly same. 

(i i)  SELECT YOUR IVAC CENTER: From the drop-down list, select the IVAC center under which

you have applied for Indian Visa. As soon as you select the IVAC center name, the AMOUNT

in BDT below will  be automatically populated. 

(iv)  VISA TYPE: Select the Visa type that you have applied for from the drop-down list.

(v)  PASSPORT NUMBER: Enter your passport number accurately.

(vi)  Save and Next: This button will be activated only after you have completed the above fields.

Click on this button to proceed to the next tab.

Q: How do I select and what should I enter in Personal Info?

A: Follow the below step-by-step process to complete tab-2: Personal Info:

(i)  Enter  your  FULL  NAME  (as  it appears  in your passport), EMAIL ADDRESS  and  MOBILE


(i )  Select an APPOINTMENT TYPE from the drop-down list. select WALK-IN, then you select date,

done with this tab.

(i i)  After done with the above steps, click on the ‘Save and show overview’ button below.

Q: What is the Overview tab? What to do here?

A: The tab-3: ‘Overview’ provides you a summary of the information you have entered in the first two

tabs. Here you cannot or do not need to enter anything. This is to review if you have provided  all the

information accurately in the earlier tabs. If you find any mistake and want to edit any field, click on

‘EDIT YOUR INFORMATION’ link below. You can edit the fields in the previous tabs and come back



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


to Overview again. After done reviewing, click on ‘Confirm and move for payment’ button below. You

must click to tick the checkbox beside ‘I agree to the Terms of Service’ to proceed.

Q: What if I don’t check the ‘I agree to the Terms of Service’ checkbox?

A: If  you  don’t check  the  ‘I agree to the  Terms  of  Service’  checkbox, you  will  not be  al owed to

proceed to Payment. If you click  on  ‘Confirm  and move for payment’  leaving the  mentioned  box unchecked, an Error message prompt will appear. You must check this box to proceed forward. You

can view the ‘Terms of Service’ by clicking on it.

Q: How can I make the payment?

A: After you have completed  the  Application  Info and  Personal  Info tabs, and final y  clicked  the

‘Confirm and move for payment’ button, you  will be redirected to  the  ‘Payment’  page. Here you will

see multiple payment options  such as  CARDS, INTERNET  BANKING, MOBILE  FINANCIAL


Select your  desired  payment option.  As soon  as  you  select the  payment option (e.g. Visa  or

MasterCard or bKash or Internet banking), you will see the total ‘Payable Amount’ at the right side.

Complete the Captcha challenge by entering the letters and/or numbers you see under ‘Verify you are

human’ and then click on ‘Pay Now’ button. This will take you to the ‘payment page’. After entering the

required information/data in the boxes click on ‘Pay’.

After transaction is successfully processed, you will be informed and receive an invoice in your email.

A confirmation SMS will also be sent to the mobile number you have provided.

Q: Can I edit my information before making the payment?

A: Yes, you can edit or correct any information provided in the Application Info or Personal Info tabs

before you click ‘Pay Now’ on the ‘Payment’ tab. Click on the ‘EDIT YOUR INFORMATION’ link to edit

your information under ‘Overview’ tab. However, once you have clicked on the ‘Pay Now’ button and

have been redirected to the payment page, no more editing is possible.

Q: How do I know if my payment was successful or not? How can I be confirmed?

A: If you have correctly entered your card details, internet banking or mobile banking information and

then clicked on the ‘Pay’ button, then if the payment was successful, a payment confirmation page will

appear with a ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ title along with a Thank you message mentioning the amount

paid and respective transaction ID. You can store the Transaction ID for reference purpose. Besides

that, you will get an SMS notification in your mobile number and an invoice wil  be sent to your Email

address. You can print or download the invoice for your reference later.

Q: What is the ‘Convenience Fees’ in the Payment page? Why this is charged from me?

A: The  Convenience Fee  is  a nominal  amount charged from  the  applicant for making  payment

through online.  This  amount is  charged from  you since we have to bear expenditure  to make this

service available to you by  investing  in Information  Technology  infrastructure.  Through  the  online

payment service  you  gain extra convenience of  making  easy  and hassle-free  payment from

anywhere, anytime.








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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What are the different payment options available for me?





A: There are multiple payment methods/channels/options  available in the  Payment page  to pay  the

Indian  Visa Application  Fee. Payment is  authorized at the  time you  select your desired  payment

option and click ‘Pay Now’. Unless otherwise changed by IVAC, SBI and/or SSL Wireless, you can

select the following payment methods:

(i)  All Debit and Credit Cards of Visa, MasterCard and American Express, al  proprietary cards

like DBBL Nexus, Q-Cash, Fast Cash, etc.

(i )  All  Internet Banking  options  such as  Citytouch, Bank  Asia, Islami  Bank  Bangladesh and

Mutual Trust Bank Internet Banking. 

(i i)  All Mobile Financial Services (MFS), SMS Banking or Mobile Banking such as Rocket, bKash,

MyCash, Mcash, and AB Direct. 

Note:   Only  local y  issued payment instruments  (such as, locally  issued and/or created credit cards,

debit cards,  proprietary  cards, prepaid cards, net  banking, mobile or electronic  wallets,  etc.)  will be

accepted in the payment application.

Q: Can I check my payment status? How?

A: Yes, you can check your payment status by clicking on CHECK PAYMENT STATUS button at the

top-right corner  of  the  page. Enter your Web  File Number, Passport Number, the information

appearing in the captcha challenge and then click on ‘Check Payment’ button. Your Payment Status,

either ‘PAID’ or ‘UNPAID’ will appear with relevant information. 

Q: What is the ‘Checked Status’ shown with my Payment Status?

A: Checked Status means if you have submitted all the required documents along with the application

after making the payment. If you have done so, it will show you ‘CHECKED’. Otherwise it will show


Q: How long can I check my Payment and Checked Status?

A: You can check your Payment Status along with Checked Status for 15 (fifteen) days after you have

made the payment. After 15 days, this information will not be available anymore.

Q: What is Appointment Date? 

A: Appointment Date is  the date  that  you  have  selected  in the  APPOINTMENT  TYPE  under  the

Personal  Info tab. This is  the  date you have been  given  by  IVAC to visit the  center with your

documents and payment receipt. 

Q: Why is my Appointment Date field empty in the Payment Status page? 

A: If  you have selected   ‘WALK-IN’  in the  APPOINTMENT  TYPE  under the Personal  Info tab, the

APPOINTMENT DATE field appears empty in the ‘Your Payment Status’ page. This means you have

no fixed  date to visit IVAC. However, as per policy, you must visit and submit documents within 3

(three) days after making the payment.  

Q: What happens if I do not visit the IVAC in 3 days after making the payment as WALK-IN? 

A: If  you  have  selected  ‘WALK-IN’  in  the      APPOINTMENT  TYPE  under  the  Personal  Info tab,  while

making the  payment, you must visit the IVAC within  next 3 days. If you fail to visit the IVAC and




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)






submit documents within 3 days, your payment will be void and the amount paid will not be refunded.

You will have to pay the Visa Fee again for a new appointment.

Q: How can I get a refund?

A: Once a payment has been successful, there is no option for refund.

There is  no  direct refund  option  available to the applicant once a transaction has  been settled

between the  parties. However, if any payment  is  unsuccessful  at the  payment gateway

(SSLCOMMERZ) end but amount has been deducted by your bank/provider then we recommend you

to communicate with your bank/provider.

Q: Can I make payment for me and my family members or tour partners together? How many

Visa fees can I pay at one go?

A: Yes, you can make bulk/multiple payment in a single transaction. 

You can add up to 7 Visa applicants’ Web File Numbers and pay the fees in one go. You would need

to fill  in the different fields like Web File Number, Passport Number, Mobile Number etc. separately.

Click ‘ADD ANOTHER WEB FILE NUMBER’ button under ‘Payment’ tab to add multiple applicants’

information and proceed to make the payment altogether in a single transaction.  In case of multiple

applicants' payment, there will be an item wise invoice generated and sent to your Email address. 

Q: What do I do if there is any error or my internet connection is disconnected in the middle of

the process?

A: If the internet connection is disrupted before proceeding to payment option, you have to refill the

information from the beginning. For any error during the payment process due to internet connection

disruption, you can check your payment status by clicking on CHECK PAYMENT STATUS button at

the top-right corner of  the  page. If you still have any  confusion, please  send us  an email

to: ivac@sslwireless.com for further investigation. 

Q: I am not being able to pay with my card or internet banking or wallet. What can I do?

A: If  you are not able to pay  with your card, please contact with your respective bank  to find  out

whether your card or internet banking  or wallet is  enabled  for online  e-Commerce transaction  and

whether it is  connected to  the  payment services  of  SSLCOMMERZ. If not, you can  request your

bank/provider to enable it for online e-Commerce transaction in this site.



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