* ​IVACs will remain closed till 21 April 2021. * ​VISA advisory during the Lockdown * ​Guidelines on Air Transport Bubble & Suspended visa for travel to India * ​VISA advisory during the covid-19 * ​Effect of Coronavirus * ​IVAC, Khulna office relocation * ​IVAC, Mymensingh office relocation * ​IVAC, Barisal office relocation * ​Medical treatment in India without medical visa * ​Checkpoints Before Submission of Visa Application * ​FRRO required within 14 days of arrival in India for Medical visa * ​Travel Card & Dollar Endorsement Facility * ​Additional route endorsement service at all IVACs * Beware of Fake Call/ imposter * ​Online payment of Indian Visa Application Processing Fee
IVACs will remain closed during the lockdown till 21 April 2021.

In view of lockdown implemented by Govt of Bangladesh from April 14 - 21, 2021, operations at all Indian Visa Application Centres across Bangladesh are temporarily suspended

For applications already submitted & for any emergency requests, please contact visahelp.dhaka@mea.gov.in

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