* ​IVACs will remain closed till 21 April 2021. * ​VISA advisory during the Lockdown * ​Guidelines on Air Transport Bubble & Suspended visa for travel to India * ​VISA advisory during the covid-19 * ​Effect of Coronavirus * ​IVAC, Khulna office relocation * ​IVAC, Mymensingh office relocation * ​IVAC, Barisal office relocation * ​Medical treatment in India without medical visa * ​Checkpoints Before Submission of Visa Application * ​FRRO required within 14 days of arrival in India for Medical visa * ​Travel Card & Dollar Endorsement Facility * ​Additional route endorsement service at all IVACs * Beware of Fake Call/ imposter * ​Online payment of Indian Visa Application Processing Fee
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