* ​Request for proposal for office space on rent for IVAC at Kustia * ​Tender for supplying adhesive sticker to IVACs * ​RFPs for the premises of IVAC Kustia is proposed to open on 25.08.2022 at 10:30 am at SBI Country Office, 12th Floor, Navana Prestine Pavillion. * ​Completely unfounded - Minimum three months * ​Those seeking to travel by Mitali Express (Expected launch date:01/06/2022) May please ensure that their visa is endorsed for entry via ICP New Jalpaiguri. * ​Revised IVAC timing from 04 May 2022 * ​Discontinuation of Gratis Visa in Tourist visa Category * ​ROLL OUT OF BIOMETRIC DATA CAPTURE AT IVACs * ​Medical treatment in India without medical visa * ​Checkpoints Before Submission of Visa Application * ​FRRO required within 14 days of arrival in India for Medical visa * ​Travel Card & Dollar Endorsement Facility * ​Additional route endorsement service at all IVACs * Beware of Fake Call/ imposter * ​Online payment of Indian Visa Application Processing Fee
Completely unfounded - Minimum three months

  High Commission of India, Dhaka



Some reports on social media are falsely claiming that
Bangladeshi nationals holding multiple entry visas are being
denied entry into India at Petrapole if their previous visit to
India took place within three months of their current travel.

The High Commission of India clarifies hereby that this is
entirely unfounded. There has been no change in policy with
regard to entry rules for Bangladeshi nationals holding
multiple entry visas for visiting India either by road, rail or air.

Bangladeshi friends are requested to ignore such false posts
on social media.

Date - 03 July 2022

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