Streamline Visa Procedures With Minimize Inconvenience .

Follow visa procedures and minimize inconvenience for visa seekers.


In order to further streamline our visa procedures and minimize inconvenience to our visa applicants, including that caused by long queues, we are going to introduce the following measures with effect from 11 July 2023:

(i)           Those applicants who require their passports back for other use during the period their visa application is being processed by the High Commission, will now have the option of taking their passports back at the time of submission of their tourist visa application at IVAC. They will be required to resubmit their passports at IVAC 07 days before the tentative date of delivery shown on the visa token.

(ii)          The applicants, while making online payment for visa processing fee will also now have the option to pre-select specific time slot for submitting their visa application at the IVAC.   This will save the applicants from long waiting time encountered at IVAC during submission of applications.

                We hope that the above steps will make your visa application process more convenient.