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Revised visa application fees from 05 August 2018


                                                PRESS RELEASE


        Processing Fee for Indian Visas will be revised to BDT 800/- with effect from August 5, 2018.  This is the first revision of fee since December 18, 2014 and is being instituted to cover the cost of inflation over the past four years and increasing overheads.

2.     The following may kindly be noted:

  • The visa application processing fee payable would be BDT 800/- for all applications submitted at any IVAC with effect from August 5, 2018, even if online registration was done at an earlier date
  • The visa application processing fee may be paid online using multiple modes of payment, namely, credit/debit cards, internet banking, mobile wallets, etc. before visiting the IVAC.  While making the payment online using the web portal, the proposed date of submission of visa application will need to be entered correctly. 

3.     For further clarifications, please contact our hot line number – 09612333666 / 09614333666, post us a query on our official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IVACINBD/ or mail us at visahelp@ivacbd.com.




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