* ​The IVAC at UTTARA & Motijheel are being shifted to Jamuna Future Park * ​No Appointment Date required at IVACs in Khulna & Jessore * ​No Appointment Date required at IVACs in Sylhet, Mymensingh and Barishal. * Beware of Fake Call/ imposter * ​No appointment date required for IVAC, Mirpur Road * ​Online payment of Indian Visa Application Processing Fee * ​Advisory for Visa Applicants * ​Checkpoints Before Submission of Visa Application
Preparing For Visa

There are twelve Indian Visa Application Centres (IVAC) managed by State Bank of India in Bangladesh. These are located at Gulshan( Dhaka), Motijheel (Dhaka), Mirpur Road (Dhaka), Uttara (Dhaka), Jessore , Khulna , Mymensingh, Barisal, Chittagong, Sylhet, , Rajshahi, Rangpur,

  • All categories of Indian visas, except Tourist (T) visas, are accepted on a walk in basis without an online appointment date / E-token.
  • Holders of Bangladeshi passports who are residing in other divisions of Bangladesh except Chittagong division, Rajshahi division & Sylhet subdivision (Habiganj, Moulvibazar, Sunamganj and Sylhet) may apply for visa with IVAC, Gulshan (Dhaka) / IVAC, Motijheel (Dhaka)/ IVAC, Mirpur Road (Dhaka) / IVAC, Uttara (Dhaka)/ IVAC, Khulna /IVAC, Mymensingh/ IVAC, Jessore/ IVAC, Barisal/ IVAC, (Sylhet). Holders who are residents of Chittagong divisions may apply for visa with IVAC, Chittagong. Bangladeshi nationals residing in Rajshahi division may apply for visa with IVAC, Rajshahi / IVAC, Rangpur.
  • Other foreign nationals can apply for visa at IVAC,Gulshan, Dhaka and at Assistant High Commission of India, Chittagong.
  • There is no visa fee for Bangladeshi passport holders applying for Indian visa.
  • Other foreign nationals are required to pay visa fee unless they are exempt from payment of visa fee under orders of Government of India.
  • All persons applying for visa at any IVAC in Bangladesh is required to pay Visa Processing Fee (VPF).
  • Any member of the family is allowed to submit visa applications & collect passport on behalf of other members of family subject to proof of identification by original passport. For the purpose family constitutes spouse, children and parents.

Your Visa application is liable to be rejected if you:-


  • Suffer from any life threatening contagious disease.
  • Suffer from mental illness and travelling to India for purposes other than medical treatment.
  • are addicted to or have trafficked in narcotics.
  • have been convicted for or have criminal charges outstanding in any country.
  • have been deported or expelled from any country.
  • have submitted insufficient/incomplete/ false documents
  • are found to be in possession of unauthorised travel documents
  • have suppressed any material information
  • or any other grounds as in the opinion of concerned authorities that would render the applicant ineligible for visa, not necessarily to be conveyed to the applicant orally or to be recorded in writing.

Conditions for entry into India:-

  • Your entry into India even after holding a valid visa may be prohibited if the visa was obtained by false representation or by concealment of relevant facts, whether or not you were aware of those facts.
  • A change in circumstances has occurred between the date of your application and the date of your arrival in India.
  • An immigration officer can ask anyone to be medically examined on arrival in India, if he considers it necessary.
  • You must not undertake employment or formal study/research in India unless employment visa or appropriate visa is granted to you.
  • You must leave India on expiry of the authorised period of stay unless the period is extended by the concerned authority in India.
  • You must register yourself with the nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in case your stay in India exceeds a period of six months for all categories of visas except medical/ medical attendant visas. For medical / medical attendant visas, registration with nearest FRRO within 14 days of arrival in India is mandatory.
  • or any other grounds as in the opinion of concerned authorities that would render the applicant ineligible for entry to India, not necessarily to be conveyed to the person orally or recorded in writing.

Diplomatic/ Official Passport Holders:

Holders of Diplomatic Passports/ Official Passport Holders issued by Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh do not require visa to travel to India and stay in India up to 45 days

The following categories of applicants may apply for visa online and submit their online visa applications in person or through authorised representative at the High Commission of India, Dhaka between 1000 hrs to 1300 hrs on working days. The applicants must select a date of appointment on online and such applications will be admitted even if the date of appointment falls later than the date of submitting the application at the High Commission.

(i) Officials of Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh travelling to India for official purpose- Their applications must be accompanied by Note Verbal from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh.
(ii) Diplomatic /Official Passport holders of other Countries (who are otherwise required to obtain visa for travel to India) travelling to India for official purpose - Their applications must be accompanied by a Note Verbal from the respective Diplomatic Mission.
(iii) Personnel working in United Nations and other International organisations travelling to India for official purpose- Their applications must be accompanied by a Note Verbal from the respective Office.



  • All categories of Indian visas, are accepted on a walk in basis without an online appointment date / E-token.
  • Foreign nationals, other than those who are employed/residing in Bangladesh, are advised to obtain visa from the Indian Mission /Post located in their country of origin or normal residence. High Commission of India, Gulshan Dhaka/Assistant High Commission of India, Chittagong will normally accept request for visa from foreign nationals who are employed /residing in Bangladesh.
  • Pakistani nationals are required to submit 3 copies of the visa application besides the original application along with 4 photographs.
  • Visa fee, once paid, cannot be refunded even if the application is withdrawn or the visa is refused (Click here for Visa Fee Schedule).
  • Need to fill up Bangladeshi address in Present address columns & in Permanent address columns of Online Visa Application fill up as per passport. to be submitted.
  • Bring Photocopy of Bangladeshi Visa, First page of Passport & Last Indian Visa (if) along with Online Visa Application.
  • Proof of identity may include – birth certificate, state ID card, permanent resident card, driving license, insurance card, health/medical card
  • Block C: Applicant Contact Details – Both temporary & permanent address needs to be entered. Temporary address would be the local address & some kind of proof like utility billneeds to be provided for the same. In case the applicant is a student, a letter from the college will do
  • Proof of financial soundness may include – international credit card, bank account statement for the last 6 months
  • Profession/Occupation details (field G) : The field should be properly filled in. In case the applicant is an employee, details of employer, proof of employment/ business details, Tin certificate needs to be attached. In case applicant is dependent, then the guardian’s employment details viz employer details or business details need to be provided. In case of students, college ID card or letter from college needs to be provided
  • For African nationals, medical immunization card
  • Passport Deposit time - 08.00 to 13.00 hrs & Delivery time - 15.30 to 17.00 hrs.
  • Online Application required documents may be submitted at the following addresses in person.

          It must be mentioned to the applicants to note that –

  • The visa processing time may be longer & sufficient remnant period of Bangladeshi visa validity is in place.
  • Business visa/employment visa can be applied for only if the stay in Bangladesh is more than 2 years.
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