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Beware of Fake Call/ imposter

The Indian visa application  processing charges are BDT 600/700 (depending on the centre) + convenience fees of 3% levied thereon.Applicants are advised to refrain from paying any additional charges over and above the processing charges mentioned earlier.

It has been bought to our notice that some unscrupulous elements, posing as staff of High Commission or IVAC, are calling few Indian visa applicants, on random basis, over their mobile phones saying “There is an issue with your application & the same may be rejected. In case you want your application to be processed, you need to pay some amount into a bKash account number”
Unfortunately, some applicants do fall prey to such fraudsters & end up paying the amount.
Kindly note that Indian High Commission or Indian Visa Application Centre never calls upon any applicant seeking money for visa application processing nor do they make any false promises of faster processing of visa application in exchange of monetary benefits.
Kindly beware of such calls & do not allow yourself to be fleeced by such fraudsters.
We have found the following mobile numbers to be actively engaged in such activity, there may be others currently active in the market though.
Kindly note to exercise caution if you tend to receive a call from these numbers.
The Mobile numbers are – 0174166835, 01753725329
The notice is being issued in public interest for the benefit of Indian visa seekers

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